light for the world
A light in the darkness


The old lamp-lighter
In the dusk of days gone by
Would trudge the streets
His taper held aloft,
And as he touched each waiting lamp
Through the gloom there appeared
Little moons of gaslight
Warm and soft.
At night, as those in peril
Upon the darkened streets
Would grope their way
Through shadows thick and deep,
They surely breathed a silent ‘thanks’
For the lighter of the lamps
And the faithful nightly vigil
He would keep.
In our darkened sinful world
Where wretchedness abounds,
Where souls are lost
And perilous their plight,
The Spirit of God in faithfulness
His ministry performs,
Touching hearts
With the taper of truth and light.
light of the world, jesus light of te world
Jesus – Light of the world
So let us all be thankful
As Christmas comes again,
To God, who stooped and gave
Through humble birth
A Light to lead all nations,
A Lamp to guide the way
Of every living soul
Upon the earth.
(c) Nesta F Sutherland
“Then Jesus spoke … saying ‘I am the Light of the world’.”
John 8:12

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