He is risen Jesus livesThe flowers of God’s creation
Live out their little day.
They bless us with their beauty
And quickly fade away,
And from their seeds or cuttings
New blossoms soon unfold,
And in their sweet renewal
A deeper truth is told.

The fairest Flower of heaven
Was planted on this earth.
He blessed us with His goodness
From the moment of His birth.
We took Him and we crushed Him.
His sinless blood we shed.
We turned our backs and scorned Him
And gave Him up as dead.

Three days and nights His broken body
Lay in death’s embrace.
On Sunday morning early
God’s miracle took place,
And from the tomb in shining light
An angel came, to send
This fair and fragrant message –

(C) Nesta F Sutherland

He is risen from the dead.
Matthew 28:7

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