Becoming a new life in Christ


Oh, poor little creature thrust into the world
With fragile feelers and wings half-furled,
Fearing the unknown, dreading so soon
The challenge of life outside the cocoon.

Feeling fore-boding at freedom’s call,
Suspecting the nectar of life as gall.
You would not go forward, you cannot retreat
To the dark little world in ruins at your feet.


God's love
Love is patient, love is kind

Lord, give me a heart of compassion
For this one who is causing me pain.
Grant me the grace to suffer long
Without hitting back again.
I could walk away from commitment.
It would seem such a happy release,
But what of this helpless being
In need of salvation and peace?
Lord, take away the frustration,
Prepare me for bearing the cost
Of loving this soul you created
Lest something so precious be lost.


God’s word is more precious than silver or gold
And cannot be stolen away.
It quickens and nurtures our re-born spirits
And teaches us wisdom each day.
God’s word is a light and a lamp in our darkness;
Unerring the truth it imparts.
It’s a blue-print, a map, a book of instruction
And a letter of love to our hearts.
Let us feed on the milk and the meat of His word
Which sustain us and minister grace,
By faith drawing comfort, refuge and strength
As we patiently run life’s race.


learning humility

Twelve men shuffled into the room
And, just as they had feared,
No servant with a basin of water
To wash their dusty feet, appeared.
They had come by invitation
To share in the Passover feast.
Each stubbornly sat with his dirty feet
Not wanting to appear to be least.
Then He rose, and quietly took a towel.
With a basin of water He knelt
And washed and dried His disciples’ feet.
I wonder how they felt.