learning humility

Twelve men shuffled into the room
And, just as they had feared,
No servant with a basin of water
To wash their dusty feet, appeared.
They had come by invitation
To share in the Passover feast.
Each stubbornly sat with his dirty feet
Not wanting to appear to be least.
Then He rose, and quietly took a towel.
With a basin of water He knelt
And washed and dried His disciples’ feet.
I wonder how they felt.


Who wander, lost and alone

Lord Jesus, there are sheep with no shepherd
Who wander, lost and alone,
Whose lives are lived without purpose
Because they have never been shown
That there is a great God who loves them
And a Saviour who cares for their souls;
A Shepherd who gave His life for them
And would draw them into His fold.
Will You take my few loaves and fishes,
Break them and share them at will
To feed the hungry-hearted ones
Until they have had their fill,
And let them look beyond the gift
To behold Your loving heart,
And to know that You are truly for them
And long to take their part.